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About Oreka bike roller trainer

Oreka Training was founded in 2017 and since then it has been distinguished by an unwavering spirit of pursuit and an attitude of adaptation and self-improvement that has led it to become an internationally recognised brand.

This has been possible thanks to the union and trust of those of us who make up Oreka Training, and to values that have made us one, stronger, more capable and have turned our Oreka O2 and Oreka O5 rollers into benchmarks in the market.

Bike roller trainer, true to its values, seeks to change the way we understand sport

Oreka Training is today a brand of indoor bike rollers recognised by many for its ability to propose, to anticipate ideas and to lead changes that will help us all to change the way we understand sport in the coming years.

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Our values

Our values set us on a path with a traditional base, but with an innovative structure and conceptualisation. Our way of understanding our work, our day-to-day life, the way we live and respect sport, how we feel and experience it.

These values allow us to tackle each and every one of the global solutions we create. Our values arise from feelings that we live day by day at Oreka Training.

Feelings in which we believe and for which we fight. A full-fledged statement: we are ambitious, we like to learn, to expand, to compete, to be free, to be international, to always evolve, to be in touch with the latest trends to propose the latest technologies and, above all, to guarantee the best possible product.

We want to continue to grow and develop Oreka Training as a European brand of world reference in the provision of services and/or solutions for an end user who loves sport.

We want to be considered by our customer, the end user, as a brand that solves their problems, and accompanies them in their sports leisure activities, and is a reference point for a set of values and emotions with which they feel identified.

We want to generate alliances with local distributors and other partners, who adhere to the Oreka Cycling project and participate in its vision.

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Oreka listens to athletes to offer them the best cycling solutions

Oreka Training Innovation is the union of four key elements in a work process: listening to and gathering the needs of users, the technological state-of-the-art, the creation processes and being attentive to the trends in the sector. These are the keys to our work. Just like listening to athletes to provide them with designs that help them go faster, further and always with the greatest control and comfort.

We design each product with a dream in mind: to impress the athlete and offer them the best.

That’s why our research and development team work to create and improve the technologies we apply to the various Oreka rollers in our range. This is how we created a new patented bike roller trainer that allows you to train at home just like on the road, a real workout: total freedom of movement so you can feel the road with every pedal stroke.


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