Those are the frequently asked questions for the oreka o2. If you don’t find whatever information you need below, please contact us in o support@orekatraining.com

Oreka O2 information

Do I need a special axle to be able to fit my bike?

Our OREKA O2 includes a conventional Quick-Release axle. If your bike has disc brakes or thru axles, before acquiring your OREKA O2, you must find out the measurements of your bike’s rear axle, including the thread pitch, and then select the OREKA axle corresponding to its measurements. You can find the different axles available in our online catalogue.

The belt is not centred, how can I centre it again?

This can happen with use and depending on the pedaling of each user the belt can become decentred over time. The manual included in the box with the OREKA O2 contains the steps to take to recentre your belt.

Oreka O5 information

What pressure should I apply to the muscles?

As explained in the manual, using the Schrader valve (just like the ones usually found in mountain bike tyres) and a normal bike pump, you can inflate the muscles to a recommended pressure of between 2 and 6 Bar. This value will vary depending on the user’s weight and preference, and by doing this you can also regulate the angle of your OREKA O5.

Should I inflate the muscles regularly?

Just like bike wheels, these muscles also experience a little air loss over time and with use. This is why you must check the pressure of these components regularly and reinflate if necessary.

Can I train with the wheels in the trolley position (the wheels tied at the back)?

No, while you are using the roller the wheels must be in the storage position (inside the roller). Otherwise, you will be endangering the component at your own risk.

I cannot fit my mountain bike with a 148 mm axle in the roller.

In conjunction with the roller, you will receive a conventional Quick-Release axle, so if you are going to fit a bike with a longer upper axle (some mountain bikes, for example), you will need to contact the Oreka Support team to request a longer axle.

I have an Sram cassette with 12 road gears. Can I mount it on the roller?

The core that comes as standard is compatible with Shimano and Sram cassettes with 10 and/or 11 gears. Even so, this last year we have been working to design a core compatible with Sram XDR 12-gear cassettes. To acquire one, contact the Oreka Support team and request it.

I have a Specialized Roubaix bike and when I fit the sleeves with the corresponding letters there is a small gap. What should I do?

If you have a bike on the list below, or a very similar one, and you do not have the sleeves AA or BB, contact the Oreka Support team and request the sleeve with reference number O0051, indicating the exact model of your bike. The aforementioned models are principally the following: Specialized Roubaix, Specialized Tarmac, Giant TCR Advanced Disc, Giant TCX.



  • You must ensure your location is activated for both IOS and Android. In IOS the application must have permission to use your location.
  • If you have already linked another device, make sure it is not still linked to the previous device.


  • If the connection is lost, check that the antenna ant+ of the PC has no nearby metals that could interfere with the signal path. Similarly, the antenna should not be more than 2m from the roller.
  • Add table of software and platform compatibilities and what works in each one (in the dropbox general. It needs checking.)

Oreka O2

  • It is difficult to get going and the resistance doesn’t change:
    • Make sure the roller is plugged in and switched on.
    • Verify that the emergency button has not been pressed. If it has been, after releasing it, turn the roller off and on again.

Oreka O2 and O5

  • The roller does not seem to change the resistance.
    • Check the table of compatibilities for any incompatibilities.
    • Check that the ERG mode is activated.
    • Check that the difficulty has not been modified in the simulator or software. If it is very soft it will not change the resistance.

What do I need to connect the OREKA O2 to other divices and softwares?

You only need wireless or ANT+ to connect the OREKA O2.

Which software are compatible with?

We are compatible with any software by ANT+ and wireless connectivity.

Suddenly the trainer goes too hard

Please, revise the safety button, be sure It’s swiched off.

The safety button was activated. What should I do?

You only have to turn off the trainer and wait a few seconds before turn it on again.